WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0 Alpha Released !!!

WSO2 Application Server Team has recently done an Alpha release of the latest Application Server Product. This is based on the latest in improved WSO2 Carbon Kernel 4.4.0. This is first release of Application Server product after moving to the git based repositories. It also has added some key new features such as JaveEE 6 Web Profile Support, Websocket 1.1. support, etc. Below is the release note from the WSO2 Application Server Team.

Release Note of WSO2 AS 5.3.0

WSO2 Application Server team is pleased to announce the first alpha release of WSO2 AS 5.3.0. The AS 5.3.0 Alpha distribution is available from this location. This release introduces several major features and improvements.

New Features

  • JavaEE 6 Web Profile support via TomEE 1.7.2 integration
  • Websocket 1.1 API Support as defined by the JSR-356 specification
  • SAML2 Single-Sign-On support for web applications
  • Tomcat Virtual Hosts support
  • HTTP Session Persistence support
  • WS-Discovery support for CXF JAX-WS and JAX-RS services
  • OSGi ServiceLoader Mediator specification support via SPI-Fly
  • Removed the first class support provided for deploying Axis2 AAR Services
  • Removed the data services hosting support from AS. Users can use the WSO2 Data Services Server product to deploy data services.

Existing Key Features

  • Support for Servlet 3, JSP 2.2, EL 2.2, JSTL 1.2 specifications.
  • Full JAX-WS 2.2 and JAX-RS 2.0 Specification support
  • Integration of Jaggery – server side scripting framework
  • Unified Application listing and management UI for WebApps, JAX-WS/RS, Jaggery
  • Multi Tenant support for standalone deployment
  • 100% Apache Tomcat compliance runtime
  • Lazy loading for web applications and services
  • Tooling – Application Server related artifacts can be easily generated using WSO2 Developer Studio
  • Clustering support for High Availability and High Scalability
  • Full support for WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy and WS-Secure Conversation
  • JMX and Web interface based monitoring and management
  • WS-* and REST support
  • GUI, command line, and IDE based tools for Web service development
  • Equinox P2 based provisioning support
  • WSDL2Java/Java2WSDL/WSDL 1.1, and UI-based try it (invoke any remote Web service)
Issues Fixed in This Release

Known Issues

How You Can Contribute

Reporting Issues

WSO2 encourages users to report issues and your enhancement requests for the WSO2 AS using the AS Public JIRA.

About kishanthan

I’m currently working as a Software Engineer at WSO2, an open source software company. I hold an Engineering degree, majoring in Computer Science & Engineering field, from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
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