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Embedded Tomcat : Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Introduction Embedded Tomcat API comes handy where it only requires a few lines of code to start a tomcat instance within your application.  This makes the life easy for the users to get the useful features out from Apache Tomcat in their application. In most … Continue reading

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Access Cabon Data Sources within webapps in WSO2 Application Server

In a previous post of mine, I explained on how we can register JNDI Resources within webapp that are hosted in WSO2 Application Server. In this post I will be explaining about How we can access Carbon Data Sources, using … Continue reading

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Session replication of Applications in WSO2 Application Server

Introduction The Apache Tomcat[1] is mainly used as a servlet container in WSO2 Carbon[2] based servers. It runs as embedded mode in all servers. It also holds some useful features in it, such as ability to deploy webapps, etc. The … Continue reading

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How to register JNDI resources for webapps in WSO2 Application Server

WSO2 Application Server uses Embedded Tomcat as its underlying servlet container. This gives the advantage of inheriting all the features supported by Apache Tomcat. With this support WSO2 Application Server brings together the webapp hosting facility along with web-services hosting … Continue reading

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Axis2 clustering with tomcat

I was recently working with the creating axis2 cluster by using tomcat. Instead of running axis as two different webapps in one tomcat instance, I used two different tomcat instances to create the cluster. But i faced a problem which is already … Continue reading

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