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Simplifying maven release process with nexus staging and maven release plugin for WSO2 git repositories

WSO2 Carbon Kernel is a base platform for all the products of WSO2. With the new version of carbon kernel – 4.3.0, WSO2 has moved to git based source code configuration management (SCM). All the code base is now moved … Continue reading

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Useful maven commands

Project Build Clean a project: mvn clean Compile a project: mvn compile Run unit tests (it also compiles a project): mvn test Build a package (it also executes unit tests): mvn package Run integration test (it also builds a package): mvn verify Install a package … Continue reading

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Running Clover on Bamboo – Code Coverage

Code coverage is the percentage of your source code that is covered by the automated tests. It determines which part of your code has been covered/executed in the test and which part are not covered. The importance of code coverage … Continue reading

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Bamboo and Jenkins – Continuous Integration

When considering Continuous Integration (CI) for your project, you have to think of tools that are readily available out there. Few such names that comes to our attention are Jenkins (Hudson), Bamboo, etc that are widely used by some of … Continue reading

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