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Transaction support with RabbitMQ

In a previous post of mine, I explained about the new AMQP transport developed for WSO2 ESB based on RabbitMQ Java Client. In this post I will be explaining about how we use the transactions support in RabbitMQ Java Client … Continue reading

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AMQP Transport for WSO2 ESB based on RabbitMQ Java Client

Introduction WSO2 ESB is a High Performance, Light weight, Open Source Enterprise Service Bus. It also has inbuilt support for integrating different technologies which uses different transports protocols. Some of the well known transports that WSO2 ESB supports are HTTP, … Continue reading

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Using RabbitMQ Java Client to send AMQP Messages to a AMQP Broker

Introduction RabbitMQ is an open source message broker which implements AMQP messaging protocol. It also has multiple client libraries (Java, .NET, Erlang) which can be used to send/recieve AMQP messages to/from an AMQP broker. In this post I’m going to … Continue reading

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